Triangles of leadership

Top Up and Bottom Up Leadership

The Top Up Mindset A great leadership mindset comes from the last supper In Mark 10:42-45, Jesus is teaching concerning his kingdom and what the leader’s mindset should be In this setting two of the main disciples, James and John, have requested to be seated at the top in Jesus’ kingdom; on his right...

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washing feet

Pastors, Not Masters

Pastors, Not Masters A leader’s mindset will determine how he sees himself and treats others. A great leader’s mindset is found in John 13 where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. The story is well known and has many applications, but for this blog I will concentrate on the mindset of the disciples...

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Sheep in Shepherds’ Clothing

Egypt Hates Shepherds There is no group of people Satan hates more than pastors. This is revealed to us in Genesis 46:31-34 when Israel and his children went to Egypt at the time of the great famine. Though they were shepherds, Joseph told his family to say they were cattle traders because...

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shepherd and flock

Is Ordaining Pastors a Good Thing?

For your information, I will be using the terms pastor and elder interchangeably in this blog. Some people prefer not to call a man pastor and some churches prefer not to ordain pastors but there are good reasons to ordain pastors. Ordaining pastors is a good thing. Here is why. 1....

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